What is This Blog About?

Well, as it is mentioned in the tagline above, it’s all about live and some knowledges I’ve found during my live. It can be a note, tutorial, story, new insight, art, or anything else that in my opinion it’s meaningful, at least for myself.

I’ve already had a blog, then why make another one?

Yes I have another blog at insideourminds (also my little portfolios in it) and I know it sounds greedy to have another one, but WordPress provide a free service for blog and promise always to be free. In other words I have to pay for the previous one. Who knows one time I might be broke or will die and can not afford to pay the service, it will be abandoned. So sound silly, anyway! 😛

What language will I use in this blog?

Humm, I am an Indonesian, but I also want to be able to write in English and I want to challenge myself to do so. In the end, you may say the main language in use is English but I may also write in Indonesia sometimes. Not a big deal.

Will this blog be enjoyable to read?

I don’t know, anyway, you might enjoy reading it or not. And in case you enjoy it, you may want to share it with your friend. In that case, thank you.

Ishlah – Who is given live
Image by my wife


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