How to make Font Awesome compiled when using Grunt Build

In this sort tutorial, I would like to address the common issue when you are using Yeoman as your scaffolding tool to generate simple web app, which include Bootstrap, SASS and Modernizr. The issue is when you add Font Awesome package through bower to overcome the limitation of Glyphicons which is included in the Bootstrap. Font Awesome may work perfectly when they are generated into .tmp directory when you are in the development stage. However when you then build it, you might find that it is not generated into dist directory. That’s what I found disturbing.

Here is a Naive solution to make it works perfectly like in the development stage. This way will need you to edit three files: _variable.scss file of Font Awesome scss, main.scss in the app directory and the Gruntfile.js. Without further ado,
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Link: Installing Node.js/NPM Without Sudo

If you use Node.js/NPM regularly for your web development in Linux or OSX, you might have faced common issue when you are trying to install npm or npm packages, which is EACCES error message. In this concise tutorial, Wen will guide you through the installation steps in order to overcome the problem.

[Tutorial] Installing Node.js/NPM Without Sudo.

It works for me, hopefully for you as well.

First day at the new building (Supposed to be)

Yesterday, 19 October 2014, marked the last day we use NICTA as our basecamp of Griffin Accelerator after we (5 teams, including Symberra) had been in the three months mentoring and been incubated in the first Griffin Accelerator program at NICTA Canberra. And today is supposed to be the first day at the new building at 1 Moore St, Canberra. However, due to the cold and runny nose which I’ve been having since a couple weeks ago, I decided not to go there.

It’s probably right that I have to take some medicines even though having cold is like monthly bill for me. And after take some rest, I used to be fine. Unfortunately, this one is a bit different I guess. An advice from my wife was to have regular exercise as I used to have one.

Anyway, lesson learned. Keep your body fit by doing regular exercise, eat healthy meals and some fruits. So you won’t miss some important events in your life.

P.S. Today is also the first day for Joko Widodo as Indonesia President, good luck pak.

Melawan Kebiasaan Menunda: Don’t Break Your Chains


Saya dan sebagian dari Anda mungkin pernah bermasalah dengan penundaan, menunda apapun itu, yang menyebabkan apa yang Anda tunda terbengkalai hingga akhirnya harus tergesa-gesa menyelesaikannya di akhir waktu dan menyebabkan penyesalan, terutama jika hal yang ditunda memiliki tenggat waktu tertentu. Mari kita coba melawan kebiasaan yang bisa dibilang buruk ini dengan sebuah tips sederhana yang pernah dilakukan Jerry Seinfeld, Continue reading

Belajar Kembali HTML5 dan CSS3 serta 5 Menit Perkenalan


Setelah kurang lebih dua tahun vakum di dunia web, hari ini saya memutuskan untuk kembali mempelajarinya. Ternyata setelah tidak aktif untuk waktu yang cukup lama, perkembangan aplikasi web berkembang sangat pesat. Tantangan pertama adalah “bagaimana memulai mempelajarinya kembali?” Cukup bingung untuk memulai kembali dengan perkembangan yang amat pesat tersebut. Akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk mempelajari kembali HTML dan CSS (HTML5 dan CSS3) melalui frameworks atau templates. Dan sebagai langkah awal, pilihan jatuh kepada HTML5Boilerplate“The web’s most popular front-end template”. Continue reading